Book For Sale: "If I’m Not Back By Wednesday."

Geoffrey Haddad a member of CJMAS wrote this book of his mis-adventures while hiking on the Blue Mountains Jamaica with school mates.

The net proceeds from all sales will be donated to CJMAS*

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Recent Reviews

IF I’M NOT BACK BY WEDNESDAY – Trapped in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains

Author: Geoffrey B. Haddad

 “He the author dissects the minutiae of the trip—the rations,
the routes—as well as the psyches of the teenagers who walked the miles. By the end, the hills of Jamaica seem as imposing and remote as the Himalayas.
An engaging memoir of mishaps and survival in the Caribbean.”
— Kirkus Reviews
“...Creative, brilliant work—A riveting tale, told with tremendous flair for action, adventure, and cultural history….this superb book could make a first-rate narrative film. The author's writing is clear, sharp, balanced, energetic, and well structured. He evokes the wonder, beauty, and mystery of Jamaica's Blue Mountains.
All in all, a story-telling tour-de-force!”
    — Philip N. Alexander, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“It is amazing to know that out of the wilderness of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains you have found common ground for us all to enjoy.”
    — David Ian Vernon, Kingston, Jamaica

“…..historic, literary and anthropological merits….all the trappings of a high school principal reading list. Saliently illustrates the complex social and class relations which existed then and still exists in Jamaica today.”

Poignant and enthralling, A story of suffering, misery, fear, adventure and youthful naïveté; told with admirable candour.

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