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In 1992, knowing of the need for better quality healthcare in the countries of the Caribbean, Dr. Ronald I. Wong gathered together a group of Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica in Vancouver, BC. Out of this gathering was founded the Canadian Jamaican Medical Assistance Society whose mission was to provide medical assistance to the people of Jamaica. In 1997, CJMAS extended its help to also provide educational assistance in Jamaica.

Over the years the CJMAS has partnered with various organizations based in both rural and urban communities to make a lasting difference in the lives of Jamaicans. To date the CJMAS has provided over $1.5 million CAD in financial, medical and educational aid. The recipients of this aid include individuals, hospitals, schools, the homeless & rehabilitation centres. With your support we can continue to come alongside organizations in Jamaica to better the lives of those who find themselves amongst the lost and forgotten of this world.

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Early Beginnings

In 1992 Dr. Ronald I. Wong called a meeting of Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica in Vancouver BC to form a Society to provide medical assistance to the people of Jamaica. 16 of those who attended the meeting signed the application for incorporation which was submitted by Paul E. Levy, Barrister & Solicitor on December 6, 1992.

Certificate of Incorporation Number S-29919 was issued on December 23, 1992 by the Registrar of Companies of British Columbia. In our first year there were 8 Directors.

On December 13, 1993 CJMAS received notification that it qualified for tax-exempt status as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act.

The official registration number assigned then was 0974584-09. On February 13, 2004 CJMAS was given a new Registration Number 138235189RR0001.

On July 12, 1997 a Resolution was passed to amend the Constitution to include both medical health and educational services to the Island of Jamaica.

Photo of Dr. Ron I Wong
Photo of Dr. Ron I Wong
Photo of Dr. Ron I Wong

President’s Message

The principal aim of the Canadian Jamaican Medical Assistance Society of British Columbia is to bring together the people and resources required to help needy persons on the Island of Jamaica; to bring awareness of the health care and educational needs of communities and worthy students on the Island. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for these constituents.

Our Board of Directors are partners with a heart for Jamaica. All funds raised go directly to the projects we are currently supporting. More importantly, we are seeking donations to carry out our mission; this opportunity can be found throughout the site by clicking the “Donate Now!” button. Canada Helps is a secure site where you can donate to our causes from anywhere in the world and a receipt will be generated immediately.

As we celebrate over 25 years of existence this year 2017, we can proudly announce we have raised over 1 million Canadian dollars, and we are pleased that we have been able to help many on the island of Jamaica through these efforts in the form of medical supplies & equipment, scholarships, and grants.

As we look forward to our next 25 years, we envision CJMAS to be the catalyst for philanthropic impact on the island of Jamaica. Jamaica has a lot to be proud of, its music, and tourism and world class athletes however there are those that are in need, join us and help make a difference one person at a time.

Join with us to make our vision a reality!


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